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FAQ - Champollion Foreign Language Centre
How can I enroll at your courses?
If you are interested in our offer and you want to enroll at one of our courses, you have to take a test in order to establish your language level. We organize level tests based on scheduling. After the test, you will receive information related to the programme available for your level and you will be able to choose one of the available courses.

Which are the documents required for the enrolment?
The documents required for enrolling at the courses held by the Champollion Foreign Language Centre are:
- a copy of the identity card and the completed enrolment form which you receive when you enroll at the chosen course.

How long takes the course for one level?
Normal courses: the courses comprising one level, beginners, intermediate or advanced, last 2 modules.

Each module comprises 24 courses of 36 hours with a minimum required attendance of two courses per week, each course having a duration of 1 hour and a half.

Intensive courses: The duration of the course depends on the demand and the availability of attending the courses by the client.

How can I pay the for the course? Can the payment be made in installments?
The payment can be made in cash or by bank transfer, only in lei. We do not accept checks. If you want to pay by bank transfer please contact us by e-mail at or by phone: 0737527289. You can pay in full when you enroll, or in two installments, the first installment being paid when you enroll and the second one at the half-term of the ongoing course.
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