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About us - Champollion Foreign Language Centre
Let’s decipher together the hieroglyphs!

You have good foreign language skills, but you want to improve one of them?

Do you want to speak English, French, Hungarian or Romanian fluently and to develop your communication skills?

Enroll at the Champollion Foreign Language Centre and you will benefit from high level Educational courses.

Open courses, organized in mini-groups of 4-6 to maximum 8 students with well trained teachers and excellent study resources. 

Foreign language courses within the companies organized in groups or in one-to-one system.

Only English, French, Hungarian and Romanian for foreigners.

Constant enrolment with a flexible schedule for general or specialized courses (banking and financial, technical fields  etc.)  

Headquarters: Universităţii Square, near Intercontinental Hotel.

Fair and moderate prices with promotional discounts.

Workshops periodically held at the mountain with native speakers and other linguistic surprises!
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